More than 1.1 million passengers for the first time…

Despite a difficult start to 2018 due to the weather, a positive turnaround was already achieved in the summer season. In addition to new tourist flights and destinations, among other things, a third weekly flight to London Heathrow with British Airways is the i
mpetus for an upward trend. With a start to the winter season 2018/19, 2018 finally ended with an increase in passengers compared to the previous year and a total of even a passenger record. With 1,11
9,347 passengers, the airport’s history in one year was the first time in the more than 1.1 million passengers are handled.

The year 2018 in figures
With 1,119,347 passengers, 2.45% more passengers than in the previous year were handled by regular and charter services.

Passenger numbers for sched
uled and charter servicesQ1 Q2 Q3 Q4 total2017 557
050 193 329 176 277 165 891 1 092 547201
8 536 607 186 653 196 532 199 555 1 119
347-3.67% -3.45%       11,49% 20,29% 2,45%

The pleasing plus in the summer, especially in Q3, can be applied to the 3rd place. weekly frequency to LHR (with BA) as well as to the additional flights (during the week) of the Tyrolean tour operator Idealtours. In the 4th quarter was then, among other things, the new Route Berlin-Innsbruck (with easyJet) i
s responsible for passenger growth.

The level of scheduled and charter flight movements has remained roughly the same. At 12,023, there was a small decrease (-0.14%) compared to the previous year (12,040%). Flight movements in this segment have thus remained relatively constant over the last 7 years. Compared to the
“peak year” of 2000 (with more than 17,000 flight movements), the number of movements in 2018 has actually decreased by almost 30%. Larger and more modern aircraft, among others on the daily routes to Vienna and Frankfurt, have made a significant contribution to this development.

New Business Lounge: “Tyrol Lounge”Th
e Business Lounge “Tyrol Lounge”, which opened in December 2017, has established itself well. Customers appreciate the special ambience and the high relaxation factor offered in the lounge. More than 35,000 guests have already been welcomed to the lounge – a customer frequency that far exceeded all expectations.

fter the volume of freight at Innsbruck Airport has continued to decline in 2018, as has been the case for the last 10 years, the number of freight traffic at Innsbruck Airport is 31. On 1 January 2019, cargo handling at Innsbruck Airport was finally discontinued. “We had high hopes that a new partner from Tyrol, who had taken over t
he business in 2017, could, due to his experience and flexibility, relaunch the air freight business – unfortunately in vain,” says airport director DI Marco Pernetta. Since the peak year of 2007, freight volumes have fallen by 85%. Especially the large Tyrolean export companies have over the last few years carried out the air freight business via the major international airports such as Munich, Zurich, Milan or Vienna. “Especially compared to these providers, we couldn’t and can’t keep up with the price,” says Pernetta.

Extension of voluntary noise protection window supportw
ith 1. A new limit value (55dB instead of 60dB) will apply on January 1, 2019, so that potentially more people can benefit from the promotion of poor protection measures. Since the funding pot (up to EUR 200,000 per year) which was voluntarily set up by the airport has been used up less and less in recent years, the decision was taken – together with the city of Innsbruck – to take this further step. “We are, of course, in the middle of Innsbruck’s metropolitan area with the airport and have now voluntarily lowered the limit values to international standards,” says Pernetta.

What else will 2019 br
ing? 2019 began with persistent snowfall and persistent fog, some of which also had an impact on air traffic. The summer season 2019 is looking forward to the airport in a positive way – the booking situation at the Tyrolean travel agencies has so far been very pleasing. There is a
clear tendency for the Tyroleans to book their well-deserved summer holiday earlier. The flight program from In
nsbruck provides for proven sun destinations in the Mediterranean, which are only a few hours away: Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain and finally turkey again (from the end of May always on Fridays directly from Innsbruck to Antalya).

Also new in summer 2019 is the direct line to Berlin Tegel with easyJet. The route, which was recorded in December 2018, is now available all year round in the schedule of Innsbruck Airport and is offered three times a week in summer (Tue,
Do and Sat). Fortunately, Mallorca is offered with two weekly charter flights, which can also be booked as so-called “flight only” at THE TUI.

New construc
tion planningAfter the terminal building has now slowly got old (original construction 1962/63), the airport has been working for some time on the plans for a possible new building. As part of a feasibility study, the various possibilities of a new building are currently being examined and discussed. The aim is to complete the necessary documents by the middle of the year and then to call an international architectural competition in the second half of the year. A possible, realistic start of construction (after the completion of the competition and all tenders and tenders) could be April 2022. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to say more at this stage,” Pernetta said. “It’s just too early for that,”” he said.

Overall, the airport is looking forward to a very eventful year 2019 and expects a similarly good result as last year.


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